Bridging the gap between men and women.

Aug 9, 2021
Bridging the gap between men and women. picture

The event started with a debate from a mix gender and they were given a topic, " All men are dogs" it was very interesting to find out that some men were for and raised some very important facts as to why they are agreeing that all men are dogs. The winning team of course were those who were saying all men are dogs. The program continued were couples gave a valuable information on how they managed to stay together for a long time our elderly couples Mr and Mrs Nkomo who are now married for 40 years put emphasis on building your marriage on the rock that is Jesus Christ our younger couple who are now married for 15 years Mr and Mrs Gumede echoed the same sentiments as the elderly couple and they also mentioned the issue of respect very interesting indeed. There was also a group discussion  titled " what does men want from women vs what does women want in a men" the discussion was very productive with ideas being thrown left right and center, the participants did not want the session to end as it was on fire.

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